Friday, February 1, 2008

Timing Is Everything

As you've probably noticed, between fighting off a flu bug and working on a couple of articles, I haven't been as active as usual in following the news. So it could be I've just missed something. But a quick Google search seems to confirm that no major American news outlet has picked up on the story of the Bush administration submitting a nuclear energy cooperation deal with Turkey to Congress. In the meantime, Turkey has announced that it will be opening bidding for construction of its first nuclear energy plant in February.

Update: Meanwhile, Turkey's energy minister just suggested that Turkey could finalize its gas deal with Iran -- whereby Iran would serve as a transit link for Turkmenistan gas destined for Turkey, and Turkey would develop Iran's South Pars gas field for European delivery -- next month. The deal is strongly opposed by Washington, and I'd assumed that the move to certify Turkey for nuclear cooperation was in part meant to serve as a counter-offer. Stay tuned.

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