Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Advantages Of Going Long

Kevin Drum offers '68 as proof that Democrats are over-reacting to the potential divisiveness of the ongoing primary campaign, which yesterday did nothing to settle:

In other words, [1968] was the mother of all ugly, party-destroying campaigns. No other primary campaign in recent memory from either party has come within a million light years of being as fratricidal and ruinous. But what happened? In the end, Humphrey lost the popular vote to Nixon by less than 1%.

I'd add that there's even an advantage to the primary campaign lasting into April: it has forced both candidates to develop ground games in states that they would otherwise have ignored had the nomination been wrapped up a month ago. That means networks of volunteers, media saturation and personal appearances that can only come in handy for the general election.

It also occurred to me that all the hand-wringing is an illustration of how deep the traumas of 2000 and 2004 really go. In many ways, it will probably take a Democratic president for the party to finally and fully recover from hanging chads and Swift Boating.

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