Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dead Man Walking

[This is a guest post by Eva Ostrum, my sister and an Obama donor/volunteer.]

It's official: John McCain's shark meat. Why?

Fact: Sarah Palin turned on both John Stein and Faye Palin, two signators of the original petition for her very first political race (Wasilla City Council in 1992).  Sarah unseated Stein as mayor in a “contentious” election and then later refused to endorse Faye Palin (her mother-in-law) to succeed her as mayor. 

Fact: Sarah Palin unseated former Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski in the Republican primary – the same man who had given Palin a “plum” political appointment as Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission at a salary of more than $120,000 a year. 

I'm sure more examples are out there waiting to come to light. In the meantime, McCain should be watching his back. If he does manage to beat Obama, count on Palin to use her new leverage as the star of the right-wing base to force him out in 2012. They don’t call her Sarah Barracuda for nothing.

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