Friday, September 12, 2008

The Power Behind the Throne

Laura Rozen weighs the pros and cons of Sarah Palin's folksy appeal. From what I've seen so far, Palin seems like a pretty effective communicator who is very obviously communicating talking points and policies that aren't her own. Think Mitt Romney with a more deftly programmed robotic module. The obstinate repetition of talking points in the face of substantive questions is for me the worst aspect of American politics. But that's not Palin's doing, even if it's a bit scary how talented she is at it.

Of course, every candidate relies on a team of policy advisors to formulate and articulate policy, but it's apparent that Palin is particularly dependent on the cue cards. So far those are being written for her by the McCain campaign, which is to be expected, since the Veep nominee by necessity tailors policy to the top of the ticket. The question no one has asked yet is, Who would ultimately write the cue cards for President Palin if she ever wound up in the Oval Office?

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